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The New "Magic Membrane" of Wanhua Chemical Is Closely Related to your Wonderful Life

TIME :2020-08-20

Separation and purification is an environmentally friendly business unit of Wanhua widely used in chemicals, municipal services, electric power, electronics, and other fields. Through the filtering and purification technology supported by filtering membrane and adsorbent resin, the unit is designed to provide safer and accessible water resources for the sustainable development of human beings, and assist industries to realize the efficient and recycled use of water.

Products include the ultrafiltration membrane made by thermally induced phase separation (TIPS), nanofiltration membrane, and reverse osmosis membrane. With its advantages in R&D, the technical group for separation and purification is devoted to the development of nanofiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membrane, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane, and adsorbent resins. The products can be applied to fields such as household water purification, industrial pure water making, wastewater treatment and recycling, sea water desalination, and the separation and concentration of materials.

Taking "Chemistry makes life better" as its vision, Wanhua is always working hard to make innovations and make its products closely related to your wonderful life!

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