PU Business Unit

PU Business Unit mainly engages in the sales, production and R&D of diisocyantes and its derivatives, polyether polyols for flexible and rigid foam and PU systems as well as ethylene oxide derivatives (EOD).

The products are mainly used in construction, household appliances, automobiles, home furnishings, leather and footwear, sporting goods, coal mine safety, engineering machinery, textile printing and dyeing, solar water heaters, panels, spray coatings, refrigerated containers, synthetic wood, pipe insulation, elastomers, adhesives, chemical products used in daily life, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and other fields.

With our global footprint and worldwide integration of industrial chains, we are constantly advancing toward our goal of leading the global PU market. We carry out ongoing innovation and development, and are committed to becoming a leader in the PU industry.


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Polyether Department

The Polyol Business Unit covers three platforms including WANHUA RONGWEI CO., LTD., WANHUA FLEXIBLE POLYOL UNIT and EOD (ethylene oxide derivatives) products. The main businesses of Rongwei operate three plants located at Yantai, Foshan and Ningbo for Rigid , CASE Polyol and Blended Polyol. The products are categorized with total 17 series and 100 varieties more which are widely used in home appliances, PU panels, wood imitation, PIP, cold chain, automobile, Construction spray, coal mine reinforcement and other industries. Wanhua Flexible Polyol Unit, focuses on manufacturing PPG, HR and POP. Its products are to produce slab foam of different density and HR Foam for molding. EOD Unit produces polyether macromonomer, polyethylene glycol, non-ionic surfactant and other ethylene oxide derivatives. Those products are widely used in construction, household chemicals, textile printing and dyeing, agriculture, medicine and other industrial fields.
The Polyol Business Unit will bring to clients more differentiated and customized products. It's our permanent pursuit to continuously provide clients with convenient, comfortable, and efficient products and technical services.


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