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Wanhua Chemical Wins "Ringier Technology Innovation Award"

TIME :2018-05-23


Wanhua Chemical wins “2018 Ringier Technology Innovation Award - Coatings Industry” with the architectural coating product: Archsol® 8087- waterborne acrylic copolymer emulsion.

The Ringier Technology Innovation Award is sponsored by Ringier Trade Media, Asia's leading industrial information media, to recognize innovative products and technologies that have made outstanding contributions to the coatings industry. As it makes its presence extensively in areas such as plastics, metalworking, packaging, and food & beverage processing, this Award is continuously expanding its influence, and it has become the most professional industrial technology innovation award with great international influence in China.

Waterborne multicolor coatings can almost provide true-to-nature textures of natural stones such as granite and marble, but its price has a great advantage over natural stones. On top of that, thanks to its environmentally friendly characteristics and its light weight, thin coating and convenience in application, waterborne multicolor coating has become a hot star in the architectural coatings industry.

Waterborne multicolor coating is a complex dispersion system of waterborne multicolor particles, formed by dispersion of the aqueous dispersed phase in the aqueous continuous phase. The stability is critical to such system. Poorly controlled stability may cause color bleeding, post-thickening, application inconsistency and other problems.

As the main raw material of the dispersed phase, emulsion has a worthy impact on the stability. In terms of research on basic theories, synthetic process, and applied formulation analysis & testing, Wanhua Chemical has determined the role it plays and its mechanism in multicolor coatings, defined the effects of resin structure, synthesis process and polymerization kinetics on its properties, and proposed, for the very first time, a viewpoint that the continuous phase of multicolor coating is completely inert.

Through systematic molecular design and adjustment of colloid particle structure to keep the balance between emulsion’s activity to protective colloid and its own stability, Wanhua Chemical has developed Archsol® 8087, a continuous phase emulsion that is completely inert to the protective colloid. Archsol® 8087 exhibits excellent permeability of painting, considerable stability of protective colloid, and outstanding compatibility with formula. The distinctive permeability helps in control of quantity for spray and touchup, improving performance quality.

Boasting excellent stability of protective colloid, Archsol® 8087 substantially addresses the challenge of viscosity instability of multicolor coatings and viscosity change during formula adjustment, and completely solves the problem in production and storage of the coatings, which is most concerned by downstream coating engineers.

Innovation is the driving force and source for corporate growth. With commitment to building itself into a well-respected world-class new chemical material company, Wanhua Chemical will continue to spend more on technological innovation in the future, and bring more convenience and economic benefits to downstream customers in pursuit of environmental protection and sustainable development.

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