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Sulfur Emission Reduction

The Claus sulfur recovery technology is used to convert acid exhaust gas generated in the production process into elemental sulfur, the SO2 concentration in the treated exhaust gas is 80 mg/Nm3, which is much less than 400 mg/Nm3 prescribed in the national standard. By means of this measure, the annual recycled sulfur can be 2,700 tons, which is equivalent to the reduction of the emission of 5,400 tons of SO2 to the atmosphere.

The flue gas of the thermal power plant is treated through the advanced ammonia desulfurization technology by using the byproduct ammonium hydroxide to absorb SO2 in the flue gas to achieve the treatment of wastes with processes of wastes against one another, so that 11,000 tons of good quality ammonium sulfate can be produced annually, which is equivalent to the reduction of the emission of SO2 of 5,500 tons to the atmosphere.

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