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With gratitude, We strive for a visionary future! -- A letter of thanks from the chairman to all Wanhua staff

TIME :2022-11-24

Dear colleagues:


Spring blooms, autumn bears fruit, and now is the time of a good harvest. We have celebrated Wanhua's annual Thanksgiving Day in the twinkling of an eye. On this warm and meaningful day, on behalf of the company, I would like to extend my sincere greetings to all colleagues who are working in various positions all over the world and to all Wanhua family members and friends from all walks of life who care and support the development of Wanhua, I sincerely say: Thank you! Thank you for your understanding, trust, care and support to Wanhua!


From 2005 until now, Wanhua Thanksgiving Day has gone through 18 years. The culture of gratitude connects every Wanhua employee. Condensing the strength of more than 40 years, it inspires us to grow and forge ahead.


Thanks to the pioneering and hardworking people of Wanhua. This year, many innovative production units, such as nylon 12 and silicon copolymer PC, were successfully started. Yantai Industrial Park has taken another concrete step towards creating a world-leading chemical park; Wanhua Penglai Industrial Park is bravely opening a new chapter, symbolizing the gradual opening of the construction of a green, ecological and low-carbon demonstration chemical park; Facing challenges, Fujian, Meishan and Ningbo Industrial Parks are striving to draw a beautiful blueprint. It is you who are spreading the Wanhua spirit and writing a new story of Wanhua.


Thanks to the courageous people who took responsibility and joined hands to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. This year, each production site has experienced a lot of challenges. Taking the company as home, our lovely and respectable colleagues wrote a new "team to win" story. Whats more, Wanhua's overseas team traveled to countries worldwide to support our clients. BorsodChem has been carrying out long-term epidemic prevention and production simultaneously. Your commitment and dedication have supported the healthy development of overseas business.


Thanks to the Wanhua team who put all their efforts to nurture talents. Called by the management theme "Talent Year", all departments work closely with HR to innovate recruitment approaches. More than 5,000 new employees have joined our family, setting a historical record in the number of talents. Our training system has reached a new level, and nearly 10,000 people have participated in the training.  A special training session has been conducted for production teams, which enhanced the operation stability. With full cooperation, everyone jointly creates an environment that helps Wanhua talents flourish, and injects surging power into the company's sustainable development.


These achievements can not be fulfilled without every Wanhua employees effort. Here, I would like to express my respect and heartfelt gratitude to you.


This year is the starting year of Wanhua's new five-year plan. Adhering to the new working guidelines of "implementing a high-quality investment strategy and consolidating the foundation for sustainable development", we are always grateful on the long journey of building a long-live enterprise. Keeping our mission in mind, we are determined to promote the company's high-quality development and salute to a great era.


Standing at a new historical starting point, let us seize the chance of the big times, light up our dreams with gratitude, explore the future without fear, sail through the wind and waves with ambition, bravely undertake the mission and open a new chapter of Wanhua's high-quality development!


Liao Zengtai

November 23, 2022

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