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Wanhua Chemical Shines at Europe’s Battery Show

TIME :2024-07-01

Stuttgart, Germany - June 18, 2024: The Europe Battery Show kicked off at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center, featuring Wanhua Chemical among the global leaders in battery material production, technological development companies, purchasers, and technical experts. The event served as a platform to showcase the latest research achievements and innovative products, while discussing future trends in the battery industry.


Wanhua Chemical presented a variety of battery materials, including electrolytes, cathode and anode materials, as well as auxiliary materials like NMP, PVDF, and PAA.


Low-Temperature Performance LFP

Traditional LFP products suffer from poor low-temperature performance, typically retaining only 30-40% capacity at -20°C. However, Wanhua Chemical has developed a breakthrough low-cost solid-phase process that achieves a capacity retention rate of over 68% and a 10C discharge capacity exceeding 140mAh/g. This product holds significant potential for hybrid electric vehicles and start-stop power sources.


High-Capacity Nickel-Rich NMC 9 Series

Wanhua Chemical boasts comprehensive NMC material technology, including controlled synthesis of multi-scale precursors, multi-site doping, and multi-morphological interface coating. Collaborating with customers, the 9 series nickel-rich materials have achieved a full battery capacity exceeding 225mAh/g at 0.33C, setting a new industry benchmark.


Comprehensive NMP Supply Chain

NMP plays a crucial role in lithium battery manufacturing as a key component in cathode and conductive agent slurries. Last year, Wanhua successfully launched its NMP facility in Sichuan, completing the 290,000 tons/year natural gas-acetylene-BDO-GBL-methylamine-NMP industrial chain, with an NMP production capacity of 80,000 tons/year. This chain represents the world's largest single-line integrated facility, marking a significant step in constructing a battery materials ecosystem.


Wanhua’s NMP products are renowned for their exceptional purity and performance, with purity exceeding 99.9%. This high purity ensures the reliability and stability of battery operations, enabling customers to achieve optimal performance and efficiency.


Collaboration with European Partners

Wanhua Chemical actively participates in the development of European electric vehicles, enhancing the efficiency of key battery material recycling and forming a closed-loop management system for the entire battery lifecycle. The company's European R&D centers and industrial parks provide vital support, establishing Wanhua as a crucial partner in the European electric vehicle and energy storage industries. Strategic collaborations with global industry leaders are continuously opening new possibilities for next-generation battery materials and technologies, driving battery material innovation.


With advanced chemical materials and one-stop battery material solutions, Wanhua is committed to powering the world with clean energy, paving the way for a greener tomorrow.

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