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National Engineering Center for Polyurethane

TIME :2020-07-29

China's Ministry of Science and Technology approved the establishment of the National Engineering Center for Polyurethane in February 2009. Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is the supporting organization for the Center. In December 2012, the Center passed the acceptance inspection.

 The Center is committed to technological innovation in various important fields such as PU raw materials, intermediates, materials, applications, and technologies. It has established five core R&D divisions: the Technology Development Unit, Product Development Unit, Equipment and Process Optimization Unit, Chemical Process Research Institute, and Polyurethane Application Research Institute. These core divisions have established an integrated organizational structure to combine various elements including basic research, engineering development, and R&D for product application. 

In the future, the Center will continue its efforts in R&D and commercialization of new products and technologies for the Chinese PU industry, constantly driving advancements in the main raw materials and manufacturing technologies for PU. The Center will also foster environmentally friendliness, high-performance, and sustainable development in the PU industry, and develop into a world-class engineering technology research center.

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