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Wonder Lab | Exploring the Mysteries of Experiments and Opening the Door of Chemistry

TIME :2019-06-21

Wanhua Chemical Wonder Lab came to the Ningbo Science Exploration Center to introduce chemistry through an easy-to-understand presentation and interesting experiments to the students.
During the event, Dr. Qu Li introduced bow drill fire making and alchemy in ancient times, and demonstrated how we engage with chemistry in our daily life through animation and pop quizzes. Dr. Qu explained the abstract chemistry principles in a simple and clear way. The students were all very excited.
The Wonder Lab also prepared the "Crazy Foam" and "Magic of Color" experiments for the students. Students observed the phenomenon of rapid expansion and increased foaming through polyurethane (PU) foaming experiment. They also made toys of various shapes, which gave them an intuitive understanding of the difference between soft and hard foam.
During "Magic of Color", students learned the redox reaction between methylene blue and methylene white by observing the discoloration process of the blue liquid in the bottle. They wrote a "transparent" letter to observe the chromogenic reaction and understood the color difference produced by the chemical reaction of different substances.
During the experiments, strictly following instructions and standard experimental procedures, the students carefully wore the protective equipment, filled out the record sheets, and then summarized their experiences and thoughts on the experiments. After the experiments, students received the certificate of Wonder Lab and shared their valuable experiences with other teachers and students.
Wanhua Chemical hopes to change the stereotype of chemistry through this event, and let the students know that with strong awareness of safety and careful protection, they can make good use of chemistry to improve our lives.
Safety Day Live Connection 
This Wonder Lab was a key event of Ningbo "Safe Production Month". On the event day, it was connected live to the main venue of the 2019 Zhejiang "Safety Publicity and Consultation Day". Safety production involves all walks of life, and strong safety awareness should be cultivated from an early age. Through a series of safety publicity events, students can understand the importance of increasing safety awareness and better improve the safety development for the whole society.
About Wonder Lab
Wonder Lab is a large science popularization event that Wanhua Chemical creates for primary and secondary school students. By participating in this event, children can closely engage with chemistry, which cultivates their creativity and interest in science.
Since 2015, Wonder Lab held a total of 16 events in Yantai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Sichuan, Binzhou and many other places, bringing interesting experiments and lectures to more than 2,000 children and taking the journey with them together towards the magic land of chemistry.

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