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Chemists Club of Wanhua Chemical was held in Yantai Development Zone Experimental Middle School

TIME :2020-01-05

On January 9th, Chemists Club of Wanhua was held in Yantai Development Zone Experimental Middle School. Dr. Fangyi Qiu, a scientist from Wanhua, delivered a mind-blowing lecture, themed as "Education and Dream", to over 1,300 students in the school.

During the lecture, Dr. Qiu has drawn on his own rich academic experience to elaborate on the importance of having dreams in the pursuit of education. "Why should we study hard?" Dr. Qiu's question seemed old-fashioned, but sparked intense discussions among students. And then, Dr. Qiu introduced various prestigious universities in China and their enrollment status for the past years, and demonstrated to the students both the opportunities and challenges in all aspects.


Later on, Dr. Qiu interacted with the students around such topics as "what is dream" and "how should we make our dreams come true", by which he encouraged them to dream big and strive for their goals using scientific methods. During the Q&A session, Dr. Qiu answered various questions from students regarding their study and life, which students all found very inspiring.


The Chemists Club of Wanhua is an educational event aimed at promoting the development and growth of students. During the event, doctors from Wanhua will not only share their life and study experience with students, but also provide insights into their confusions and help with their plans about further studies and life choices. What's more, the Chemists Club is yet another testament to Wanhua's commitment to innovating public welfare mechanisms and fulfilling social responsibilities. Such program intends to guide students to aim high and dream big, and empower the advancement of China's quality education, the development of future talents, and the pursuit of a stronger nation through education.

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