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Wanhua Wonder Lab Kicked out in Meishan in Sichuan Province

TIME :2021-06-22

The 23rd session of the Wonder Lab kicked off in Meishan, Sichuan on June 17. Elementary and secondary school students from Xiang’er Township, Sichuan, began their exploration into the wonders of chemistry in Wanhua Chemical’s Sichuan industrial park.



Through tours to the park exhibition hall and lectures on the popular science, the students were able to learn about chemical parks around them and fully understand the common phenomena of white smoke and flames in parks, and were also given detailed answers to their concerns about the treatment of waste water, waste gas and solid waste, and recycling of resources in parks.



In addition, there was also a session for sharing about fire safety. Through professional demonstrations by the staff, the students were able to master the basic fire prevention skills in daily life.


During the experiment session, the students were wearing individual protective equipment as required, and further experienced the rigor and charm of chemical experiments by doing experiments and keeping records of the results on their own. The simple but fascinating experiments, from the color-changing “magic bottle” and rapidly expanding polyurethane foams, to power generation with common fruits, made the students marvel at the wonders of chemistry.


Wanhua Chemical is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and building a harmonious community. Colorful charitable science activities are held to enable members of communities to deepen their understanding of scientific knowledge and form correct scientific concepts, thus promoting the harmonious co-existence of chemistry, people and nature, as well as the sustainable development of society.

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