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Wanhua Chemical's Polycarbonate Materials Contribute to the Completion of the "Super Railway Station" in India

TIME :2021-12-10

The Rani Kamlapati railway station in Madhya Pradesh, India, has recently been renovated. Comprised of high performance construction materials, a sustainable design, and modern facilities, it is the first world-class railway station in Bhopal. The roof of the station is made up of polycarbonate (PC), which is supplied by MG Polyplast, the largest sheet manufacturer in India. These raw materials are produced from Wanhua Chemical’s CLARNATE® PC resins.


Due to its lightweight feature, excellent impact strength, and fire resistance, CLARNATE® PC resins effectively reduce the load on the roof to ensure the durability and safety of the station. Moreover, with its aesthetically pleasing light transmittance and the high plasticity properties, CLARNATE® PC resin will satisfy designers' stylish needs while helping to expand actual usage area. CLARNATE® PC resin enables the station ceiling to bring in natural light and provide anti-UV protection. As a result, this allows for reduced power usage and prevents high indoor temperatures, lessening overall CO2 emissions

Nowadays, CLARNATE® PC resins are serving customers across the globe. Aiming for the sustainable development of its polycarbonate materials, Wanhua Chemical will continue to explore the blueprint together with its growing customers and partners!

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