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New Year's Address by Chairman of Wanhua Chemical in 2022

TIME :2022-01-01

Dear colleagues:
Let's ring out the old year and ring in the New Year. As everything takes on a completely new look, please allow me, on behalf of the management, to extend my cordial greetings and best wishes to all ambitious employees of Wanhua, the quietly giving families behind our back, and supportive friends from all walks of life, thank you for your long-standing support!
In the year 2021, all Wanhua people adhered to the great mission of "Advancing Chemistry, Transforming Lives" facing the complex post-pandemic era. We pressed forward despite difficulties, worked unceasingly regardless of winds and rains, and overcame all obstacles. We have achieved the RMB 100 billion revenue milestone, constantly improved our innovation abilities, consolidated our management foundation, enhanced our cohesion and competence, and made our grand blueprint more clear, which, indeed, lays a solid foundation for us to develop into a Fortune 500 company with world-class competitiveness.
This year, we withstood the huge pressure and showed the world the spirits of dedication, responsibility and hard work of Wanhua people, and achieved extraordinary achievements.
In Yantai Industrial Park, our outputs of propylene, aniline, ethylene, and MDI all exceeded one million tons; in Ningbo Industrial Park, our production hit a record high; in Borsod Industrial Park, our hyper-functional machines run stably even under high load. In addition, the sales volume of polyurethane, petrochemical, ADI, water-based resin, TPU, PC and other products all kicked the record high. The influence of our products among the industry is improving continuously.

This year, we have kept evolving the excellent operation, gradually perfected the system of fostering talents, constantly put forward the new approaches and strategies about cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and further strengthened the cost control capability. We have implemented innovation of safety management strategy, the in-depth audit, and external audit, which effectively promoted the level of HSE management; we have successfully completed the digital transformation, and established a smart enterprise platform supporting the rapid expansion of even a RMB 100 billion scale; we also demonstrated our continuous pursuit of excellence in sustainable development by won the EcoVadis Gold Rating 2020. 

This year, progresses were achieved in the R&D of new technologies, comprehensive breakthroughs were made in the pilot test of degradable plastics, pilot scale test technology for of POE was improved,smooth progress was recorded in the development of electronic chemicals, while the battery material ecosystem was steadily advancing, and polyolefin products tended to a good prospect. Wanhua has been exploring high-tech, high-value-added new chemical materials, and aiding the better life of mankind.
This year, all parties, builders and participants, have offered considerable construction miracles, working hand in hand, fighting the severe cold and intense heat, dealing with the disturbing pandemic, and advancing the tight construction schedule.
Yantai Industrial Park successfully put into production of Polyether Polyol Phase II, Nitrobenzene Phase III, Catalyst, Synthetic Ammonia, and Formaldehyde Phase III , Solid waste utilization and other projects, perfecting the industrial layout; the construction of PO/SM device became our new benchmark; while Fujian project was rushing forward, the MDI unit construction was upgrading with each passing day; Sichuan Industrial Park resoundingly put PBAT and ternary positive  electrode into production, while Borsod Industrial Park started HPM and other projects, boosting Wanhua's new business development.
For the year 2022, it’s crucial for the implementation of our new development plan, and the talent team building is our focus. Therefore, we call the year 2022 the "Talent Year".

We must continue to enhance recruitment efforts to invite talents worldwide making the best of our excellent culture, lofty vision, and broad career platform;
We must make great efforts to cultivate the talents with strong driving force, learning capability and executive ability.

We must cultivate more scientists, experts, engineers, and technicians, who keep responsibilities in mind.

We must further increase the risk awareness, discard arrogance, cover the shortages, improve ability, and make bold changes and innovations. We must strengthen the concept of "safety as the first priority", truly implement the "safety as the core" production management system, and constantly improve the level of safety management

In the meantime, we must further strengthen our risk awareness, "breaking the idealistic and actional ice", and prepare ourselves for new challenges and breakthroughs.

We must always put the social responsibility on the top priority, keep developing new carbon reduction technologies, invest in new energies, build low-carbon and even zero-carbon industrial parks, and be the pioneer in carbon reduction; we must also innovate more products to benefit the mankind and make endless breakthroughs in new technologies and new businesses.

On a journey of ten thousand miles, we must shoulder the heavy burden. Glory and sweat made our 2021, and now, we must write our confident, down-to-earth and hardworking 2022. It will be a new starting point for us to strive for a higher goal. Let us move forward with dreams, keep up with the times, maintain strategic determination, anchor ambitious goals, and join hands to embrace new leaps and renew brilliance!
Last but not least, I sincerely wish you all a happy new year and good health.

                                                                                                                                          Chairman: Liao Zengtai                                                                                                                                                     December 31, 2021

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