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Wanhua Chemical Has Developed a Bio-based Polyol to Reduce Carbon Footprint

TIME :2022-09-23

Wanhua Chemical has developed a castor-based polyol, which provides a green solution for furniture, automobile and other fields.


The newly-debuted WANOL®FB340&WANOL®FB350 contain more than 50% bio- content and both can reduce carbon footprint by 30%-50% compared with conventional products. The products made from them are able to be certified by USDA organic standards. The WANOL®FB340&WANOL®FB350 also feature low odor and low VOC, bringing a new environmentally friendly choice.


Besides, the bio-based polyol has excellent performance. Due to its high reactivity, the production efficiency is improved, and the excellent compression resistance leads to long-lasting in end products’ usage. Never the less, the good breath ability comes from its physical character reduces heat and humidity accumulation, offering a refreshing experience.


In the future, Wanhua Chemical will present more products and services with higher sustainability and performance to create value for customers and make a greener world.

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