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Membrane Material of Wanhua Obtained NSF International Certification!

TIME :2023-12-29

Recently, Wanhua Chemical's ultrafiltration and household reverse osmosis membranes passed the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) international certifications. This means the membranes have obtained recognition from a reputational water treatment-related organization in terms of quality, hygiene, and safety.


The specific certification details are as follows:


Household Reverse Osmosis Membrane with NSF58 Certification


The NSF58 certification mainly tests the safety, energy efficiency, and water quality of reverse osmosis drinking water treatment systems. The reverse osmosis membrane made from Wanhua’s products is proven to effectively remove harmful substances from water, thus providing safe drinking water.


Ultrafiltration Material with NSF61 and NSF419 Certifications


The NSF61 and NSF419 certifications not only recognize the safety and integrity of the ultrafiltration but also verify the bacterial retention rate (up to 6.36 log10). This means Wanhua’s ultrafiltration have reliable quality while possessing strong performance capabilities.


Obtaining these certifications from the NSF in the United States is not only evidence of Wanhua Chemical's technical capabilities but also a strong guarantee for the quality and safety of our products. Looking forward, Wanhua Chemical will continue to focus on research and development in water treatment!


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