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Wanhua Chemical Launched a New Coating Product WANNATE® IT-170B

TIME :2023-12-29

Wanhua Chemical has launched a new coating product, WANNATE® IT-170B, as a fast-drying isocyanate curing agent based on IPDI. It has excellent weather resistance, color retention, and mechanical properties, but most importantly, it has superior physical drying performance. It can be used for both air-drying and baking coating systems, such as automotive OEM and refinishing coatings and industrial coatings.


 Key Features:

- Fast Drying:

Its excellent physical drying speed can improve production efficiency.


- Low Reactivity:

It extends the applicable period of the system, providing a sufficient operational window while ensuring excellent dilution stability for the finished products.


- Good Compatibility with Resins:

This feature offers great flexibility for technicians when formulating.


Relying on our global-leading technology in phosgenation and the advantages of an integrated industrial chain, Wanhua Chemical will keep innovating in the field of coating, contributing to the sustainable development of the industry.

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