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Wanhua Chemical Has Launched a New Waterproof Polyether Product

TIME :2023-12-29

A new waterproof polyether product, WANOL® C2020E, has been launched by Wanhua Chemical. This model is identical for its low viscosity, flexibility, and eco-friendliness, making it ideal for waterproof coating industry.


Low viscosity:


WANOL® C2020E was developed based on the WANOL® C2020 series. It reduces viscosity without changing the polyurethane polymerization process, thus improves workability.


Good elongation:

WANOL® C2020E improves the flexibility of polyurethane and enhances its elongation property,with the result that optimizing its application in waterproof coatings.



High-quality and eco-friendly:

This product has a lower content of organic volatile compounds, and It’s particularly suitable for solvent-free systems.


Looking forward, Wanhua Chemical will keep innovating in the field of waterproof coating and contributing to a sustainable world!


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