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Wanhua Chemical Introduces Outdoor Wood Coating Raw Materials

TIME :2024-01-31

Wanhua Chemical Lacper® 4572 is utilized in the field of outdoor wood, extending the outdoor lifespan of woodwork. The product complies with the EU's REACH environmental regulations, free from SVHC and CMR substances. Besides, it has excellent weather resistance, mositure resistance, as well as stackability. It is widely employed in various outdoor factories and on-site construction projects.


Excellent weather resistance and UV protection

 Lacper® 4572 is able to maintain good adhesion and color, despite slight glossiness loss. In comparison to other emulsions, the product shows no patchiness caused by foaming or peeling.


Exceptional flexibility and outstanding water resistance

Lacper® 4572 underwent the water absorption-freeze-thaw cycle test for 6 timeswhich is designed to simulate harsh outdoor conditions, showing no cracking, bubbling, or whitening. After immersion in water, it achieved the highest wet adhesion rating of 0.


Outstanding anti-blocking performance

Due to the stringent requirements for flexibility, outdoor applications need emulsion with low film-forming temperatures, but they may suffer from poor anti-adhesion. Wanhua Chemical is committed to balancing these two properties through a multi-layer core-shell structure design, Lacper® 4572 achieves excellent film formation while reducing the amount of film-forming additives, maintaining a balance in early anti-blocking performance. This allows for the application of Lacper® 4572 in fast production in factories.


Outstanding performance in QUV testing

QUV testing is for outdoor UV resistance, and Lacper® 4572 demonstrates exceptional long-term QUV performance: at 2000 hours, Delta E is 0.44, and at 3000 hours, Delta E is 0.78. This makes Lacper® 4572 suitable for wood-related applications with extreme QUV requirements.


In the future, Wanhua Chemical will persist in the path of sustainable development, collaborating with upstream and downstream partners. We will continue to innovate in various specialized fields, providing the industry with solutions that balance performance and environmental considerations.

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