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Wanhua Chemical’s Polycarbonate Diol (PCDL) as an Essential Component for Specific High-end Polyurethane

TIME :2024-02-29

Polycarbonate diol (PCDL) is a kind of polyol that, to some extent, reveals the combined properties of polyester and polyether polyol. Generally, it is for fabricating polyurethane elastomers, coatings, adhesives, leather, etc.


The characteristics of Wanhua’s PCDL, WHP-HD series (Homopolymer), and WHP-CD series (Copolymer) are considerably consistent thanks to our outstanding process technology. The polyurethane material made from our PCDL has excellent mechanical properties, hydrolysis resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, and solvent resistance, making it ideal for some applications in automotive, apparel, electronics, and medical fields.

WHP-HD series:

WHP-HD series is solid at room temperature. It brings excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and bonding strength for polyurethane. Thus, it is especially suitable for challenging endurance needs.


WHP-CD series:

The WHP-CD series is liquid at room temperature, making it easy to use or process. The final PU products show good compatibility with conventional solvents. Besides, the flexibility and low-temp resistance seem superior.

Wanhua is committed to providing customers with comprehensive and diversified products and solutions. In the future, we will continue promoting differentiated polyurethane applications and hope to build a green and sustainable world.


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