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More Accomplishments and Contributions! Chairman Liao Zengtai of Wanhua Chemical Is Looking forward to a New Journey

TIME :2024-02-29

At the beginning of the Lunar New Year, Chairman Liao Zengtai of Wanhua Chemical expressed that Wanhua Chemical should target more significant achievements and seek more outstanding contributions to society.


To accelerate high-quality implementation of investment projects.

In the next five years, Wanhua Chemical will invest over 130 billion yyuan in Yantai. Most of these will go to construction programs, including Ethylene Phase II, some fine chemicals projects in Yantai Industrial Park, and Penglai Industrial Park Phase I and II. The extension of the portfolio to a series of high-value-added products, such as POE, XLPE, citral, POCHP, battery materials, etc, will benefit from these projects. Soon, twin world-class high-tech chemical parks will stand on the southern coast of the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea. In addition, the Wanhua Yantai Electronic Materials Industrial Park will be built as a model park for promising industries.


Nevertheless, the completion of the Wanhua-Hehai Heat Integration Project will provide civil heating for 79 million square meters of residential areas in Yantai from low-emissions energy sources. Supported by our degradable plastics, Wanhua will contribute to developing ecological agriculture and make Yantai an eye-catching green city.


Breakthrough new technologies and fostering next-gen productivity. 

Leveraging on our sophisticated R&D capability, we aim to expedite the development of medical-grade polymers such as PEI and high-performance engineering plastics like modified PCs. Also, it is important to advance the R&D and industrialization of battery materials, positioning ourselves as the "Chief Innovation Officer" in this rising segment. Meanwhile, we will maneuver the power of AI to propel R&D in terms of electrochemistry and synthetic biology for sustainable growth in the future.


Build a green brand and strengthen the synergistic effect across the industry.

Relying on global pioneering technologies such as formaldehyde-free CWP solution, HCl oxidation circulation, and the Wanhua-Hehai project, we aim to enhance Wanhua's image in green development. Moreover, as a global-leading chemical company, we are well-positioned to attract investment and relevant industries to settle down in our integrated industrial complex with global competency.


Improve excellent management to enhance competitive advantages.

Through advanced digitization, we focus on the autonomous operation of production facilities to make production and management systems more efficient. With an unwavering determination, we encourage managers to take a lead role and all staff to assume corresponding responsibility, with intrinsic safety as a foundation, and ensure we realize a production management system that takes safety as the top priority. All of these measures will further elevate Wanhua's safety management performance.


Build a world-class employee pool.

We have to provide a tiptop working environment for our R&D and production teams. We aim to foster a culture free from nepotism, sectarianism, and fraud. For maintaining and maximizing our capability to deliver world-class technological outcomes and top-class profits. These are essential to attract outstanding talents to join Wanhua.


Carrying grit on a coming new era, Wanhua Chemical is determined to enter the top 10 global chemical companies by 2026 with relentless efforts. By 2030, the aim is to secure a position among the top 3 global chemical companies as well as become a Fortune 500 company!

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