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New Introduction to the Wanhua Chemical Battery Industry

TIME :2024-04-01

As a multinational chemical company, we are actively responding to global sustainable development concerns. Therefore, with the establishment of the Wanhua Chemical Battery Industry, we are entering the area of lithium-ion and other batteries, which are essential to todays booming green sectors including EV and energy storage.


We have been developing business and cooperation with some leading cell manufacturers, offering a wide range of competitive products, including NMP, PVDF, PAA, EC, PC, DEC, DMC, EMC, Electrolyte, LiPF6, etc. Currently, our applications cover automotive batteries, energy storage devices, digital products, electric devices, portable power devices, and other industrial and consumer applications.


Wanhua Chemical Battery Industry Co., Ltd, emphasizing the principles of "consistency and cost competence", "customized R&D", and "sustainable development" is willing to bring competitive supply-chain value to our customers.

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