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Wanhua Chemical PA12: The Protector of Clean Energy

TIME :2024-05-31

The demand for lithium-ion batteries is increasing. At CHINAPLAS, Wanhua Chemical delivered a keynote speech regarding how nylon 12 and other materials can significantly enhance the safety and durability of lithium-ion battery packs through their unique advantages.


Wanamid® nylon 12 material has a very low water absorption rate, ultra-low density, and excellent dimensional stability. In harsh environments, nylon 12 also demonstrates strong adaptability, it shows superior impact resistance at low temperatures and resistance to high temperatures, corrosion, great ductility, and easy for processing. These unique properties make nylon 12 ideal for new energy applications.


Battery Pack Busbar Solution:

The busbar plays a bridging role in batteries, ensuring safe and efficient transmission of battery pack current. As a typical automotive material, nylon 12 offers solvent and blast resistance advantages. It also exhibits excellent insulation, metal adhesion, and high and low-temperature ductility in busbar applications. Compared to those that come from processes such as dip molding, thermoplastic sleeving, and injection molding, PA12 extruded busbars feature higher production efficiency, lower overall cost, and high design flexibility.


Clean Energy Cooling Pipe Solution:

As the popularity of new energy vehicles gradually increases, the battery and another intellectual systems they bear result in an increase in vehicle weight compared to ICE vehicles. This significantly affects mileage, performance, and cost control, making lightweight essential for new energy vehicles.


Cooling systems are particularly critical for new energy vehicles. For liquid cooling systems. the lightweight of cooling pipes plays a considerable role in total weight reduction. The nylon 12 cooling pipe is light, strong, and has excellent thermal insulation, which can effectively reduce the vehicle weight and improve mileage.


Wanhua Chemical will deepen its involvement in energy storage, and will collaborate with partners to explore and develop innovative solutions regarding PA12/PP/PC/XLPE/TPU, for creating a sustainable future together!

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