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WANNATE® THM Series - Premium Wood Coating Hardener

TIME :2024-06-04

The WANNATE® THM series is a type of polyisocyanate solution based on HDI-TDI, usually applied in two-component polyurethane curing agents. The combination of aliphatic isocyanate resistance to yellowing and quick drying and high hardness characteristics from aromatic isocyanate makes the coatings based on WANNATE® THM process good yellowing-resistance, fast curing, relatively balanced performance. It’s suitable for outdoor and semi-outdoor (balcony, window sill) wood coating applications. (Figure 1) Also, the THM series can be used both directly and after dilution.

To meet different needs from customers, we offer three pacific THM products (Figure 2):

WANNATE® THM-160B has the best compatibility, being easily compatible with resins and low-polarity solvents. Additionally, it has excellent transparency and flexibility and is suitable for both glossy and matte paint.

WANNATE® THM-260BE has better resistance to yellowing and a lower viscosity, making it convenient for painting in wood coating. It’s suitable for matte paint and primer.

WANNATE® THM-360B stands out for its excellent drying performance and is easy to be matte. It is suitable for primer and matte paint.


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