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Wanhua Chemical Hehai Comprehensive Energy Project is officially in operation

TIME :2024-01-31

Wanhua Chemical Hehai Comprehensive Energy Project is officially in operation. In the cold winter, it provides heating for the people of Yantai through "zero-carbon" heating technology, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions, benefiting society, and being selected for the list of major implementation projects in Shandong Province in 2023.



Wanhua Chemical and Hehai New Energy jointly established a comprehensive smart waste energy recycling project that uses a combination of innovative technologies to recover and reuse the waste heat from Wanhua Yantai Industrial Park, providing high-grade heat for the park's production and clean heat for civil winter heating of Yantai city. By implementing this project, Wanhua Chemical's Yantai Industrial Park can save about 2.6 million standard tons of coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6.7 million tons annually, while ensuring heating for 64 million square meters of urban area in Yantai city. This project represents a perfect fusion of industrial energy-saving technology and civil low-grade heat utilization.


The implementation and promotion of this project represent a significant exploration for Wanhua Chemical in the realm of energy conservation and emissions reduction, solidifying our commitment to sustainable development. It aids us in achieving our goals of clean heating and carbon reduction. Through this collaborative effort, we contribute valuable experience to local governments exploring clean heating during winter, striving to propel Yantai City towards a more environmentally friendly future.We will continually enhance the technology and expand the reach of this project to other regions.


Wanhua Chemical has consistently upheld the mission of "Advancing Chemistry, Transforming Lifes," focusing on establishing sustainable chemical industrial zones. In the future, the company will persist in fostering innovation in the clean energy sector, contributing to the achievement of carbon neutrality goals and striving to create a better life for humanity!

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