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Wanhua Chemical Attends ICIS Asia Recycled Polymers Conference

TIME :2024-02-22

On February 21-22, 2nd ICIS Asia Recycled Polymers Conference was successfully held in Bangkok, Thailand. With the theme "Turning challenges to opportunities to propel a better future," the conference attracted leaders from global chemical industry to discuss and promote the sustainable development of the industry. Dr. Wang Shaojie, the Application Development Manage of Wanhua Chemical, delivered a speech named "Leading change and promoting plastics circularity through advanced chemistry."

Through mechanical recycling, chemical recycling, and the use of biodegradable materials as alternatives to conventional plastics, Wanhua Chemica is able to help effectively reducing the impact of plastic pollution across the value chain, striving to create more environmentally friendly, high-quality products, and a diversified material solution platform for the industry.


Mechanical Recycling

Wanhua Chemical employs innovative mechanical recycling methods to process discarded automotive lights and drinking bucket made from PC, for transforming them into Waneco®rPC. It reduces carbon emissions by 20%-50% compared to origin PC and extends the material life cycle, with meeting diverse industry demands. On the other hand, the recycled TPU product, Wanthane®G7530, incorporated with 30% recycled materials, effectively lowering the carbon footprint of end products by 20%. With the traceable value chain solutions, it brings circular economy concept to specific consumption goods.

PC Water Barrel Life Cycle

Chemical Recycling

Wanhua Chemical has proposed a complete life cycle solution for rigid PU foam. Through chemically processing waste foam to obtain reproduced foaming raw materials, it achieves the circulation of insulation layers in household appliances, ensuring even product performance while bringing economic and ecological benefits. For PP/PE chemical recycling, Wanhua Chemical employs thermal cracking and catalytic cracking processes and to achieve an enhanced product quality. Additionally, the company has made significant breakthroughs in degrading waste PC into bisphenol A, for exploring a new sustainable raw material source.

Polyurethane Foam Recycling Industry Chain

Biodegradable Materials

Under the environmental protection concerns, biodegradable plastics have become a widely-discussed topic. Wanhua Chemical has introduced a 100% bio-degradable mulch film material through technological innovation. This material can be tailored to different regional environments and crop growth needs, providing customized solutions for various climates and types of crops. With no compromise of performance, it completely degrades within a certain period after use, so that alleviates the soil pollution.


Wanhua Chemical consistently adheres to sustainable development, collaborating with upstream and downstream partners to establish a sustainable value chain, for creating a better life for humanity!

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