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Wanhua Chemical: Innovating the Future of New Energy Solutions

TIME :2024-02-28

As a globally operating chemical company, Wanhua Chemical leads the forefront of innovation in the new energy industry with its groundbreaking solutions. With a wide range of products, spanning from polyurethane and petrochemicals to fine chemicals and now cutting-edge battery materials, Wanhua is committed to creating a battery materials "supermarket" to meet diverse market demands. Leveraging the integration of battery chemicals into materials, the company is well-prepared for the progressive future of clean energy.

For batteries specifically, Wanhua Chemical offers a variety of options, including electrolytes and auxiliary materials such as NMP, PVDF, and PAA, as well as cathode and anode materials. Whether for EV or energy storage applications, these are crucial for the production of batteries.


LFP Cathode with Improved Low-Temperature Retention Rate

Conventional LFP batteries suffer from poor low-temperature performance; typically, the capacity retention rate at -20 °C ranges from 30-40%. Utilizing a unique solid-phase process, Wanhua Chemical has successfully improved this parameter to 68% at least and, in parallel, a 10C discharge capacity exceeding 140mAh/g, marking a breakthrough in commercial LFP performance. This product holds significant potential in hybrid vehicles and automatic start-stop batteries.


Nickel-rich NCM with High Density

The company possesses comprehensive NCM materials technologies, including advanced precursor control, bulk-doping and interface coating, etc. Through collaborative development with customers, our high Nickel (>90%) material now achieves a performance exceeding 225mAh/g at 0.33C, which is at an industry-leading level.


Full Coverage of NMP Industrial Chain

NMP plays a vital role in lithium-ion battery manufacturing, being a key component of both cathode slurry and conductive agent slurry. Last year, the company's NMP facility in Sichuan successfully started up, marking the completion of the 290,000 tons/year natural gas-acetylene-BDO-GBL-methylamine-NMP industry chain, with an NMP capacity of 80,000 tons/year. This integrated facility is world-leading in terms of single-line capacity, representing an essential step for the company in building the battery material supermarket.

Wanhua's NMP products are renowned for their competitive purity and performance, with purity exceeding 99.9%. This helps improve the battery's reliability and stability, enabling customers to pursue optimal performance and efficiency.


Contributions to Battery Recycling in Europe

Wanhua Chemical advocates the development of EVs in Europe, strategically positioning itself for LFP material production and battery recycling, including hydrometallurgy in the region, for providing competitive battery recycling capacity and opening the door for customers to start a close-looped lifecycle management of batteries.

With R&D centers in Europe and an industrial park in Hungary, Wanhua Chemical has local and global business development and manufacturing capabilities. It is promised to become a key partner for the European electric vehicle and energy storage industries.


Furthermore, Wanhua Chemical continues to enhance its research and innovation capabilities with resourceful platforms, including battery material research and development, material physicochemical testing, cell design and development, and performance and safety testing. There are six primary business directions, including NCM cathode material, lithium extraction, LFP cathode material, silicon-based anode material, battery recycling, and battery applications.


Wanhua Chemical is committed to driving innovation and sustainable development in the new energy industry. With its advanced chemical materials and one-stop battery material solutions, the company aims to power the world with clean energy, opening up new possibilities for a greener tomorrow.

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