Wanhua Petrochemical (Yantai) Co., Ltd.

Wanhua Petrochemical (Yantai) Co., Ltd. was established on April 20, 2015 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd.. Operations comprise all those related to petrochemical products, including procurement of equipment and raw materials, production, and sales. World-class integrated PO/AE and large-scale ethylene units drive constant expansion of the C2, C3, and C4 industrial chains. Our propane dehydrogenation plant provides downstream units with output of 1 million tons of ethylene annually, efficiently linking our industrial and value chains. We are committed to using our unique competitive advantages to become a world-leading supplier of high-end olefins and derivatives.

Petrochemicals from phaseⅠproject include propylene, PO, MTBE/TBA, high-purity isobutene, diisobutene, n-butanol, neopentyl glycol, acrylic acid, and acrylate.
Petrochemicals from phase Ⅱ project include polypropylene, HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, ethylene oxide, styrene, and others.

The products are widely used in construction materials, home appliances, rubber products, oil products, paints, adhesives, plasticizers, SAP, injection molds, blow molds, piping, films, automotive parts, high-end medical instruments, and consumer products.


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