Performance Polymers Business Unit

The Performance Polymers Business Unit was established in Feb 2019 and is dedicated to R&D, production, and sales of polycarbonate (PC) resins.

PC features outstanding optical transparency, impact and heat resistance, electrical insulation, and dimensional stability. Blending modification can further enhance its performance. It is widely used in automobiles, electronics and electrical appliances, household appliances, construction, optics, medical services, and consumer products.

Our polycarbonate production site located in Yantai adopts our independently developed innovative interfacial phosgene polymerization process, which provides general-purpose PC resins of a wide range of viscosities, as well as special-grade PC resins that meet the needs of specific market segments (such as automotive lamps, optical lens, and transparent flame retardants). Additionally, the upstream extends to a comprehensive industrial chain and continual technological innovation ensures that customers are provided with high-quality PC products and professional technical services, leading to the development of technologies and applications in the industry.


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