Performance Chemicals Business Unit

The Performance Chemicals Business Unit is responsible for business planning, product development, production and operations, and market development for performance fine chemicals. The production sites are located in Yantai, Ningbo, and the Czech Republic.

The portfolio includes aliphatic isocyanate products (HDI, HDI adducts, HMDI, IPDI, XDI, H6XDI), specialty amine products (MDA, MDBA, H12MDA, IPDA, and PU catalysts), aroma, nutrition, and performance chemicals (IP, MIBK, and CDT). “Creating value for customers” is taken as top priority in the Performance Chemicals business unit. We are focused on the customer’s needs and committed to supplying outstanding service throughout the whole process of product development, production management, quality control, logistics, and after-sales service.

Coatings based on specialty isocyanates show excellent mechanical performance, outstanding chemical resistance and weather ability which are widely used in automobiles, high-speed trains, airplanes, wood, 3C products, machinery.

As raw materials for blending fragrances, our aroma products are widely used in cosmetics, personal care products, home care products, food products. 
Our specialty amine products are widely adopted for making insulating varnish, composites, coatings, and polyurethanes. The high-end industries cover rockets, wind turbine blades, rail traffic, drilling rigs, sports equipment, pesticides, and fragrances.

In pharmaceutical, pesticide, perfume as well as other industries, and special performance chemicals are widely used.


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